1. You can name everyone you went to Williams James School with.

2. Anyone you want could be found at the Whipper Snapper or Brown’s Hardware.

3. All your teachers remember having taught your parents.

4. You ever went Snipe hunting in Claylick.

5. You used to "drag" Highway 70.

6. You refer to THE stop light.

7. You schedule parties around the duty hours of different policemen, since you know which ones will let you slide and which ones won't.

8. You get a whiff of manure and think of home.

9. Headline news is who had the biggest vegetable at the Dickson County Fair.

10. You had went camping on Leatherwood and partied by the power lines.

11. You don't give directions by street names or house numbers, but by references ("Go past Perfect Pig BBQ….turn left right after Ace Hardware…it's the fourth house on the left past the football field.)

12. School gets cancelled for sporting events.

13. The town's social events are their children's.

14. You could never buy cigarettes because all the store clerks knew how old you were (and if you were old enough they'd tell your parents anyway).

15. You actually go to the Post Office to get your mail.

16. Social acceptance in town depended on the approval of the five old timers who met each morning at the corner cafe for the latest gossip.

17. You moved to town and after ten minutes you’re no longer a stranger, but still a newcomer after twenty years.

18. You have ever come back home for Homecoming.

19. You would run to Myatt's Grocery for milk and it took an hour.

20. No place sold gas or beer on Sunday.

21. Friday night fun consisted of standing in line for the one screen theater (in Dickson) to see a movie that came out six months ago.

22. When the Drive in Theater was sold out, you spent your Friday night watching truckers and drinking coffee at Truckers World(Huds) , the only place open after 10:00.

23. It was cool to date someone from the neighboring town.

24. You have ever gone for a walk in the cemetery, at night, on a date.

25. The beer joint at the edge of town was not called “Cheers”, but everyone sure knew your name(and how long you were there).

26. You had senior skip day.

27. You have ever hunted for the "White Screamer" on Trace Creek.

28. Your Main Street dead ends into a Sulfur Well.

29. Whenever you decided to walk to school for exercise, twenty cars pulled over and offered you a lift.

30. You were ever run off of Taylor Town Rd by a tractor.

31. You don’t use your turn signals cause everyone knows where your going.

32. You ever received anonymous bags of tomatoes, or corn, or squash…

33. You know everybody in the Christmas parade.

34. Your only newspaper was a weekly.

35. You missed one Sunday in church and received get-well cards.

36. Loitering at Bibb’s garage wasn’t a bad thing; it was the only thing.

37. The Texaco and CeeBee were the only franchised businesses in town.

38. Even when you finally hear there is a McDonalds coming to town, there are rumors we are only getting one arch.

39. You said the 'f' word and your parents knew within the hour.

40. Almost everyone in your school also has a cousin in your school.

41. Everyone knows all the news before it’s published; they just read the paper to see if they got it right.

42. You ever went on a hayride or around Frog Pond.

43. You can see all the stars, even the little ones.

44. You dial a wrong number and talk for 20 minutes anyway.

45. You can’t help but date a friend’s ex-girlfriend.

46. It is normal to see a man driving through downtown on a lawnmower.

47. You know what 4-H is, and were a member.

48. A baby born on May 17th gets presents from local merchants for being the first baby of the New Year.

49. You and your son got ya’lls first haircut at *Creeping* Stuarts barbershop.


51.) If you ever ate at Warf's "No Beer" Cafe.(thanks Kolleen)

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