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I. Poems written by Nicky
II. Poems written by friends and readers
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{ for my love which arrived with "dawn" }

Sirens Call

I spy you, the siren on the rocks, sweetly urging
I knew then that must be the course to take,
to the song so sweet, to the face so fair, lovely
I set sail the way of your voice and your beauty

Now I have become temptations fool, yet again
you lured my ship where I swore never to return
and all so easily done, again you make me weep
as the tempest turns my ship and soul asunder

lashing against the waves of emotion
that surge against my dreams and my soul
where is Poseidon when you need his aid?
not here on the deck of my lost sinking vessel

I have no more sails left to unfurl and take me home
not one anchor left to drop and hold me steady
nothing but raging seas that wet me and numb my senses
all the lifeboats have been taken with none left for me.

I am sinking now, to the depths of the sea to death
looking upward at the surface I see your smile break the waves
Are you smiling a sad smile? Do you regret my drowning heart?
Once again I give you the benefit of the doubt, as I die, hoping...
"Posted by Nicky"


Perhaps if your skin did not feel like soft smooth silk
if your gentle touch did not put currents in my old bones
or if your shining eyes did not put the sky to shame
with color and life so bright, sparkling and clear

If only your laugh did not make the heavens open and smile
yes if the sweet vison of you did not shatter my lonliness
as if it were sea waves being smashed against great giant rocks
maybe if your scent did not make the magnolias sob with envy

If all these things were not so then maybe my beautiful lady,
maybe I might not love you so, then I might perhaps, forget you
But when we embrace you become in my arms all these things and more
I know then what love and life are, for me they are only you
"Posted by Nicky"


the bitter cold sneaks in my window
circling my bones with sharp tingles
so frozen outside it takes my breath
no one could survive long out there

i look out across at the cold evening sky
stars are brighter on these cold nights
so pretty and shining, it looks so lovely
but space is even colder than it is here

just how lonely and cold can it get?
nothing in this atmosphere, or any other
can make me as cold as you are able to do
and you can do it so easily, by doing nothing
"Posted by Nicky"


From the first day I truly saw you
To when I saw you again today and each day,
Its like falling in love, again and again
Yes, scary, and a rush, but its also all I desire

Each time I see the stars bright in the cool winter sky
Or drive back to the ocean and see it glow in the moonbeams
Or see a new born baby cuddled sweetly in its parents arms
I am amazed all over again, just as I am each time I see you.

Its love at first sight, over and over again with you
This is the most perfect, wonderful kind of deju vu
Yes we have lived before, many times in days long past
each spent in each others arms, that is why we always return

I can not foretell all the future holds, no one can
but one special part is carved in my souls destiny,
That is, all I love is embodied in your sweet smile
All I am is tied to what you would have me be

So this love is eternal, true and for the ages,
It can know no other path my darling, my sweetness
Our love has its own fountain of youth, sparkling deep
within our passions and renewing at each new glance
"Posted by Nicky"


Love at first sight? I said no
No, until that day I saw you smile
Had I lived before that day?
No, but I had no way to know it.

My heart was stolen so quickly
My eyes could not look away
My legs would not turn me
My soul was no longer mine.

I had thought of love before
And had felt it, so I thought
But no, there is but one love
each life and for me its you.

Now your arms keep me safe
Words from you inspire me
Your kisses let me breathe
Our passion makes us one

Life without love, is living death
By you I was reborn, resurrected
A new life in me, just from your smile
when true love at first sight saved me
"Posted by Nicky"

Tie Your Love To Me Again Tonight

Tie your love to me again tonight
Bring back your soul to mine
The cool clear sky is good for travel
I will look for your smile in the stars.

Let your heart beat with that rhythm
as it does when it pounds with mine
Make my dreams happy again
Full of love, hope and life

So, I will sit on the porch tonight
And look to the sky, cool and bright
I know you will be there, won't you?
My heart can take no more sad endings
"Posted By Nicky"

Taste Of You

I feel an aching hunger for all of you
your fingers, your eyes, your thoughts
I sniff for your body's tempting scent, all night
Like a lone animal prowling and ravenous

I could eat the sensual shadows
falling from your legs as you walk by me
I want to taste again your sweet sweat
as it beads on your head and your back

Like a vampire I need your body, nightly
Or I shall surely die from the lack of it
Bread and water do not fill nor quench me
Only you and the sustenance you give, let me live

So you are now and forever my manna, promised
Dripping wet as the dew in the morning grass
Now beloved, you know, you can feed me or watch me die
If I must die, let me do so with the taste of you on my lips.
"Posted by Nicky"


I will still try to catch the sunrise
Try to catch more jars of fireflies
Roll down hills in the wet grass
Get sentimental at Christmas

I will still fish in the twilight
Sit and listen to blues at midnight
Skip smooth rocks at the lake
Fall in love for loves sake.

Smile at babies playing in the park
Look for passions special spark
Make some angels in the snow
Listen to old folks tales of long ago

Make love engulfed in the moonshine
Sit up late and drink apple wine
Eat greasy chicken off paper plates
Ride in my car and ponder my fate.

Oh yes, I will fall blindly in love again,
Even deeper and better than itís ever been.
I will do these and all things I love to do
The only question remains, will it be me and you?
"Posted by Nicky"


I hear that song
all the time it plays
on all the stations
damn, its years old

Its pretty corney, whiney
and a pop ditty at that
no one but lovers, dazed
would ever like mush like this

Hell I am Zepplin, Stones
Neil Young and Velvet Underground
If my old pals knew I liked this
they would take me to bubblegum rehab

Nevertheless, we thought it ours
and all night long, listened
hell it gave us goosebumps
cause it released, when we first did

But the song lied to me
Just like you did
Gave me dreams of love
and that phoney bullsh..

But you had the grace to go
except of course from my mind
this damn song won't leave
I hear it all the blasted time

I can turn off the stereo
and roll down the windows
and I still hear it, softly
helping me lose my mind.
"Posted by Nicky"


Passion and lust takes my mind
as I see you in the morning light
as my heart beats like a drum
even your breathing excites me

A passion spell have thou spun on me?
You made me offer my soul
gladly to the devil, for one embrace
one wet kiss, would be my eternal bliss.

All day, thoughts of you tease me
for when I taste you, I live again.
So long a fool, I waited for love
when all I needed was passion.

Passion from your body
warms me to the bone.
Passion from your words
engorges the vessels in my brain.

Nights in your arms, steeped in sweat
burning tensely within your body
waiting for the flood to overflow
as passion drowns the ache for love.
"Posted by Nicky"


Why does my heart still seek for you?
desire that stabs my soul like a knife in my heart
I can search on this path never again.

I dare not see where your face shines
where your smile flashes and lures
what should be my happiness is now my anguish

What had once warmed my life
now only tortures my nights
and takes me to the hell I once denied.

I now seek only distance and time
travel into the abyss of regret, for your sake
so my pain will not darken your light.
"Posted by Nicky"

The Blanket

I keep that blanket, ours
the one upon which we lay, under stars
and whispered, laughed and loved.

We told secrets and made pledges
jokes that only we get , bad ones
hopes that rose like smoke from a fire.

Now, all that is gone, but the blanket
and my memories of you, you have forgotten all
as though they were never this love, this instant

I should have known, for you made me happy
and made me like me, and that of course is not allowed
not in this life, not with the karma I have made

Now only this blanket and its scents
scents of the love we made
smells of the hope, that drifted away with smoke...
"Posted by Nicky"

Wakeup and Smell The Coffee


5:30 am

6:00 am
"Posted by Nicky"

Sunshine Lost

As I saw you I knew
In that one moment in time
I became as the Sun shining
High in the sky, burning hot with love
Warm and bright,
With the energy your love gave me
You set me in motion in the Universe
A purpose, a reason to be.

As I looked at you
You became the moon
My Lady, my love
The brighter I shined
The more you glowed
You served well your purpose
To light my dark nights
With mystical light that filled my soul

The stars in the sky
Became as our children
Each bright and shining
Dancing, soaring, seeking, guiding
Each one their own Universe
Yet in ours as well
Always small to us
Giants in their own realm

But as all dreams, this one fades
I had not really became the Sun
I was but a lonely meteorite
Aimless and lost
That glanced across the sky
In your galaxy
Seeking a place to land
And a world and heart to call home.

In your atmosphere, in your love
I was as warm as the Sun
But when you turned away
And left me alone in the sky
I became what I always was
Burned up dust, floating alone
In the cold dark emptiness of space
That once was my soul.
"Posted by Nicky"



No friends,
Nothing to do.
Wishing you were dead.
That's lonely.

No life,
No one cares,
Keeping things inside,
That's lonely.
No one listens,
No one sees the pain.
No one understands.
People say just get over it.
That's lonely.

Get over what?
Whyu can't people help.
they just pass you by.
Hear what they want to hear,
Give advice,
but they never really help,
That's lonely.

Dark, sad
with no explamation,
That's me,
That's lonely.
"Posted By DD"


Why do i cry?
Why do I feel so sad?
Why do I hate myself so bad?

Why is life
so mean and cruel?
Why has this person
ran out of fuel?
Why am I lonely,
with people all around?
Why do I feel
I'd be better in the ground?
"Posted by DD"

Who am I?

Who am I?
A question I have to ask.
Am I not a friend?
Am I not a mother?
Am I not a wife?
Am i not a daughter?
Am I not a sister?

Who am I?
If i am a friend,
then why do I not have any?
If I am a mother,
then why do I feel I'm not needed?
If I am a wife,
then why do I feel he doesn't care?
If I am a daughter
then why do I yearn for parental approval?
If I am a sister,
then why do I seem so alone?
Who am I?
"Posted By DD"


When your soul has no feeling,
when your all alone.
when you have no friends,
to call your own.
When your searching for reality,
but there seems theres none to find,
Your lost.

Lost within yourself.
Not knowing how to find your way back.
There is nothing that interest your mind,
Your body just sits and cries.

Why your body cries,
is beyond you.
Your lost.
There's no way to escape
the torture you put your mind through.
Your lost.
"Posted by DD"

Silent Cries

Why do I hid behind my silent cries?
Do I dare let my feelings outside?
Who will understand?
Not him,
not her,
not them,
no one.

Why do I feel as if I matter none?
Keep other people happy,
while I am sad.
I cry my silent cries,
but no one hears.

Why do I feel my life is doomed?
I have nothing worth being here for.
I am used.
Used to perform the duties that
people expect but my personnel
duties remain unnoticed.
I cry my silent cries.
"Posted By DD"

He Says He Loves Me.

He says he loves me,
yet he hears me none.
He says he loves me,
yet he really don't know me.
He says he loves me,
yet he doesn't show me.
He says he loves me,
yet I feel no love.
He says he loves me,
"Posted By DD"


A hollow and lonely place
The thing that pulls us on
A pointless and meaningless thing Imagination A child's key to their future
Motivation to achieve and overcome
Believing without having to see
A rollercoaster of the heart
Hard to find but worth it all All these emotions and more What we are that defines who we are"
"Posted by Outlw45mag"


The heart of a poet
The soul of a saint
Mind of a warrior
But it is empty
He has no love
He can feel it
Breathe it
Taste it
But it is not there
He is almost complete
Expect of this one thing
He excepts and knows
That for now this is it
This romantic
This angel
This man
"Posted By Outlw45mag"


Your ways are like a thief creeping through he night looking for prey in the midnight sky.
Spying what you desire by watching every action and every move until you know your target's routines,
likes, and dislikes so that you know exactly when to make your move to steal their most cherished treasure only to sell it off to satisfy your own needs and forgetting the person that you've hurt by your crime...
Like a thief in the night you stole my heart and did as you pleased and took my trust for you and crushed it in a moments time.
you never thought about the hurt or pain you caused me. instead you only thought of yourself and did as you pleased only to make me feel that i could never be loved.
i would only know the heartache of how people can build life up to make it seem as though you can achieve anything
and everything you set your heart to and how they can also make you feel like you would be better off dead and your remains sit alone in a cold room with nobody to mourn cause there's no love in their heart for you.
the only thing is that although i have been hurt and my heart is with you, that i will be strong and grow on the knowledge that because since you did not first love yourself,
you can never love another and that you can only give love if you know how to receive it first.
Love is hard to find and even harder to keep but once you have it never let go.
treat it as though it was your most prized possession just watch it carefully cause you never know when your heart will be broken the same way you may have broken somebody else's.
"Posted Anonymously"


i look into your eyes
and see the stars
burning quietly
in a midnight sky
and i am humbled.

what hope have i
to rein a winged foal
dancing on a distant cloud
chasing the maiden moon
as she scatters her delicate veils
of luminous dust
on the sleeping earth below

what hope have i
disfigured and alone
who cannot speak and dare not feel?
you will not hear the silent voice
that clamors in a trembling heart
you will not see the man imprisoned
by the shackles of his soul
you will not know me.

i leave you now
lift your voice to the wind
run free brave spirit
we never meet again
but i have looked into your eyes
and glimpsed the stars
"Posted by Potato Guy"

The Gods of Love

She sits beneath the willow tree,
head on her hand, hand on her knee
looking at the stars above,
praying to the gods of love.

Her true love has gone away,
she wonders why he couldn't stay.
Until her heart starts to heal,
she will look to the sky in a silent appeal.
"Posted By Kyla"

In Memory Of Braelin

Braelin, Braelin, sweet baby of mine
God gave you to us for such a short time.

I held you in my arms with such tender care
Now the thought of giving you up I can hardly bare.

I know in heaven safe you will be-
I can picture you sitting there upon Grandpa's knee.

Such a sweet little angel Jesus has chose
His reason being only heaven knows.

We're only saying good-bye for a short while
Someday we'll join you after we've finished our long mile.

Again I'll hold you tightly upon my chest
then safe in Christ's arms will you and I forever rest.
"Posted By Genine"

hey this is the first one! We are greatful.

We appreciate this banner from this couple in Germany, go read their story, its inspirational


"Please send in ones you enjoy as well"

"Though this be the last pain that she makes me suffer and these the last lines I write for her.....I no longer love her, thats certain, but maybe I love her. Love is so short and forgetting is so long..." ...Pablo Neruda

"Whatever our souls are made of yours and mine are the same."... ....Emily Bronte

"Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves".. ~Pierre Teilharde De Chardin

" wine comes in at the mouth and love comes in at the eyes, ...I lift my glass to my mouth and I look at you and I sigh,"..W.B. Yeats

" Tears idle tears, I know not what they mean, Tears from the depth of some divine despair, Rise in the heart, and gather into the eyes, in looking on happy autumn fields, and thinking of the days that are no more" ..Alfred Lord Tennyson

"The mind has a thousand eyes, and the heart but one; yet the light of a whole life dies, When love is done."...Francis Bourdillon

" I am two fools, I know, for loving and for saying so in whining poetry".. John Donne

" have you called your momma today? I sure wish I could call mine"...Paul "bear" Bryant

"The happiest people are those that do the most for others"..Booker T. Washington.

"Its neither neither wealth or splendor, but tranquility which gives happiness"..Thomas Jefferson.

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways, I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach........and, if GOD choose, I shall love thee better after death."....Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great".... Mark Twain

"Can you dance? I love to dance. Music is my happy chance. Music playing, in the street, Gets into my hands and feet.
Can you sing? I love to sing. Music like a bird in Spring. With a gold and silver note gets into my heart and throat.
Can you play? I'd love to play. Practice music everyday then you'll give the world a chance to dance and sing, to sing and dance" ....Eleanor Fargeon

Click your heels together 3 times and say there is no place like White Bluff,there is no place like White Bluff, there is no place like White Bluff, and then click on the Ruby Red slippers and you will be there..

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