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Over the past year since the first long term employees were let go in a so-called downsizing at the White Bluff Division of DA WIRE, there have been many more changes and more people who have left, retired or been moved. Now word has came down last week that the one who oversaw and did the choosing for at least the first round, was himself let go. People can read the rest of the information on this page and render their own decison about the actions taken, why they were taken, why who was chosen and if this was done in an attempt to keep the business thriving or was the catalyst that started all the events of the past year. In the latest round, sadly another long timer lost her job, Good Luck, Sybil Anne, we know you will rebound and for the better! From what I hear, no tears were shed when it became known da terminator was now just another former employee. Karma is not always "instant" as in the words of the John Lennon song, but sooner or later it seems to make things right. This may or may not be the last news on DA WIRE for a while, but if events warrant we will update DA DEAD WIRE. I will include the last 3 letters from folks involved with DA WIRE submitted to the guestbook. Good luck to all those remaining at DA WIRE.

Nothing much new from DA wire.
Some of the gang on the floor and me just wanted me to say
and to the sneaky murdering cowards your time is coming

BLUFNOTE: Thanks Wireman. Tell the gang hi, and thanks for the post to all of you.

Hello fellow dead wirians!
I haven't spoken about anything in nearly a year, but I do have something to say. It does my heart good to see our former plant/division manager, Mr. M.A., get his comeuppance. I am glad that he now knows how it feels to be a regular nothing for a company. That's all I got to say about wire business. Steve Spurrier and the Gators still suck and I'm looking forward to Dec.1, 2001.
Frog Pond Forever!
BLUFNOTE:Thank you Mr Spud for the post and for the update on things at DA WIRE. I have heard rumors there are many changes going on up there, and some don't miss all the "wiggle wiggle shake shake" as much as others do. You know after hearing about some of the management there, perhaps someone with Spurriers attitude would fit right in! Thanks again, keep us posted.

I just wanted to report to all, da wire finally got rid of da terminator! Da same one dat terminated so many positions last year, was terminated himself. I guess it's true what they say, "What comes around goes around!" I don't know why it took so long for da Rooster to take action. Perhaps all da owners, THAT IS all the ones with Jr. and I, II, and III after their names, finally figured out that da person they sent to da wire to solve the problems WAS the problem. I understand that the celebration is still going on. I hate to hear about the others that got it, too, but at least 2 of them were offered another position. I don't know what da terminator is going to do but I think there's some openings at Cosmetology School.

BLUFNOTE:Thanks for letting us in on the news about the Terminator at DA WIRE. I know how just pleased you were to hear that news. I would say what happened to him is a very good example of karma. It is bad for the employees there that had to suffer over past couple of years. If its not too little too late maybe things will start to turn around for those that do remain. I guess we can say now for sure that the days of "wiggle wiggle shake shake" are now all gone!!

Follow these links to find out more about da wire and what the we are taling about in regard to DA WIRE AND DA TERMINATOR!

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Read the letters written to da WIRE

Thanks to all for taking the time to read the contents of this page. In September of 2000, my wife Lisa, and her coworkers, Janie Spicer and Debbie Deloach were dismissed from their jobs with DA Wire Products, located in White Bluff. This warm and fuzzy deed was performed by Divison Mgr Mike Anglin, known by workers at the plant, as the "terminator". They had served in order listed, 15, 24 and 6 years. We have had quite a bit of support from their former co-workers at the factory and others townsfolks. When I started this page it was not intended to be for any personal motivation. So I hope longtime readers will bear with me in this what may seem self serving page. I assure you it is not. If you have read the page in the past I hope you can tell I try to speak out if I think injustices are being committed. I think that is the case here. Thanks again to all who have voiced support, especially those at the Wire who have stood up to those in "management" and spoke their mind. You acted with the true "family spirit" that those in power at Nashville Wire only seem able to pay lip service too.

Wire Facts and Falsehoods

No matter what lies you have been told, Lisa McNeil was not offered another position during the meeting with Anglin, Binkley and Fleet

Anglin was not voted most popular manager in Bordeaux

Do you think the money taken from your check for the 401k is yours if you need it? Think again. The 401k plan with da wire factory is not administered as 9 of 10 are, that is, the money that comes from your check, money you earned, you cannot have access to until 2 years after you leave da wire. Most companies I have contacted were surprised this was the case. Including Merrill Lynch. All companies I know of allow you to get the money at anytime within proper request procedures. Call the financial officer and ask him why you can't access YOUR OWN MONEY.

During the meetings with HR where complaints concerning White Bluff management were aired. Who do you think answered the questions posed to Bob by the employees? If you think it was any other than the "terminator" and that charming gal from corporate you are dreaming.

No one was insulted(were they?) when it was stated in the meetings by (mis)management, that with unemployment so low we are scraping the bottom of the barrel here at White Bluff.

Listening(sorta) to your concerns DOES NOT translate into giving a rats ass about them

Mr. D just finished 25yrs of service in White Bluff, it was stated what an accomplishment that was. Tis true, too bad 24 yrs did not qualify.

I think there is no truth to the belief that only the filthy rich name their children, I, II or III. Some people just have little imagination.

Do you think World Class means anything except you are low class to the powers that be?.

Do you really think after hearing of how these people were treated that if you don't fit someones idea of "bottom" line. Family, loyalty teamwork, hardwork, years of service matter one iota?

I have no proof that mini skirts and bootie shimmie have anything to do with managerial decisions. Surely that is not the"bottom" line we hear about?

While I personally am proud of the term "redneck" I don't think any of us who live or work in White Bluff like to be refered to in that way by elitist snobs, born with silver spoons in their mouth who apparently think they do us a favor by letting us put money in their pockets.

more to come soon...

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