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White Bluff circa 1920
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This section will contain some area history and other information. I will gather this from any reliable sources and it will hopefully be a ongoing process.

Statistics & Facts
White Bluff, TN(pop. 1,988 in the 1990 census) is located in the extreme eastern part of Dickson Co., Tennessee. On the border of Cheatham Co. , Charlotte is the Dickson County seat. Dickson is the largest city. Other towns in the county include, Burns, Vanleer, Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee City, and Sylvia.

The amount of land area in White Bluff is 9.876 sq. kilometers.
The amount of surface water is 0 sq kilometers:..
The distance to the Tennessee state capital is 24 statute miles. .
(Statute miles are "as the crow flies").
White Bluff is positioned 36.10 degrees north of the equator and 87.21 degrees west of the prime meridian..

The town welcome signs proclaim the town was formed in 1869. The Dickson Co. Fact book states it was platted by A. Myatt in 1867 and incorporated in 1879. I will check further into this as I believe the town has been incorporated more than once. Perhaps most recently in the 1950's. Anyone can help on this please do.

Some former mayors include: C.B. Thompson, B.F. Myatt, Sam Whited, E.I. Jones, Harold Cauthen, Jimmy Brown, Lawrence Brown, Vance Smith and Steve Blanks

The name White Bluff is said to be taken from the White Bluff Iron Forge, which was located near the site of the present town. But from what I understand the forge itself most likely took its name from what this area was already known as, White Bluff or Bluffs.

Of course most around here have heard the story of Turnbull Creek. An early resident or traveler was riding a bull and fell into the creek. As he was being swept away he cried out "turn bull turn!" thus we now have Turnbull Creek in this area. But there is also evidence that there was a landowner in the area by the name of Turnbull, and that the creek had been previously known as Turnbull's.

Alex Carr is credited with the first house in the town of White Bluff, shortly after the War of Northern Aggression.

Among the first doctors were Dr. George Dobson practicing in 1892. He died in a house near the railway track. Dr. George Morgan's drug store was still operating in 1906 and later by his widow, Mary Morgan, in 1927. Dr. J.A. Venable also operated a drug store. On 14 July 1919, three visits and medicine for the Eleazer children amounted to $9.50. And no HMO! Dr. J.B. Chapman, Dr. H.P. Spencer and Dr. J.W. Moore were later doctors in White Bluff. One of the first undertakers was Harry Wolfe. The hearse was drawn by Clydesdale horses. The iron forge on Turnbull Creek was operated by Epps Jackson from 1825 to 1835.

Charles Augustus Robertson, formerly of Cincinnati, Ohio, was printing a monthly paper, The White Bluff Star, as of 10 November 1898. The advertising rates were 15 cents per inch. The paper was $1.00 per year in 1901. The paper listed as mayor, B.F. Myatt, recorder, O.D. Charlton, city marshal, Tom Dickson, deputy, B.F. Rodgers, aldermen were Roe Howell, Jarrett Howell, John Donnely, M.C. Crumpler and Dr. J.A. Venable. The printing press was run in the back of Brown's store where Mrs. Dugan also ran a hat shop and trimmed hats.

One of the earlier blacksmith shops was run by Mr. Charlie Thompson and Earnest Jones. Kerr and Willey were early merchandise men. Mr. John Heath's store had about everything in the way of groceries, utilities and wearing apparel. Phenis Thompson was in partners with Mr. Heath for several years. The building was later used for an auction house. The Union Store was owned by stock holders. Among those to operate the store at different times were Hardy Pack, Fate Taylor and J.W. Delores. B.Y. Brown ran a store later bought by W.D. Buttrey, and J.W. Brown ran a store by the railroad tracks. Also at that time Clarence Williams dry goods store was an addition to White Bluff. Mr Ben Myatt, Mr. E. S. Woodworth and Mr. Weldon McDonald were among the telegragh operators that served White Bluff.

CHURCHES Churches were established early in White Bluff. They were the Methodist Episcopal (south) The Cumberland Presbyterians, the Christians, and the Baptist. Presently the White Bluff Church of Christ and the First Baptists would seem to be the largest congregations.

SCHOOLS There have been several public and private schools in the area. The first public school was destroyed by fire in 1879 We now have White Bluff Elementary School and Williams James School. William James is built on land donated by Colonel William James from which it gets its team sports name from, the Colonels. It was formerly a High School, until 1972 when it became a Jr High. Beginning that year all county students began attending high school in Dickson at Dickson County High School. In the school year(1999-2000) William James became a Middle School. And with the school year 2002-2003 White Bluff and Charlotte high school students will attend the new Creekwood High School, located on highway 47 between the two towns.

Area communities include, Bakers Work, Taylor Town, Joslin Branch, Leatherwood, Plesant View, Acorn Hill, Claylick,and Frog Pond.

*Keep in mind that thou I did not get as much sleep in history class at William James as I did in Miss Joy Martins english class(as evidenced by my grammer skills not to mention my speling), this info is always subject to change.


Pictures From White Bluff's Past

White Bluff RR Depot, circa 1910

Thompson Tourist Motel, still located on Thompson Street. At one time the only motel between Nashville and Jackson Tennessee. Photo is from the 1920's.

East? bound view of the main drag, White Bluff in 1939, before the completion of US 70.

On January 7th, 1946 at a garage in White Bluff , a worker was welding on a tank, and it exploded. These photos show some of the resulting damage. Many will recognize the view in the first photo showing the bank building and Highway 70. The view from that angle is much the same today.
Ya'll send more pics!! All are welcome.

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