The Comfort Zone

106 Main St

Therapeutic Swedish Massage

and Aromatherapy

Massage...the power to heal...relax, unwind, escape....for better health and vitality....a healing touch...a kind word, a smile, understanding of pain...As you enter my massage room, you will be immersed in a total sensory experience of color, sound and aroma. As you begin to relax, your body will begin to respond with a sensation of pleasure, your mind with a state of clarity, your heart with a feeling of contentment...and you will begin to experience life in a condition of love and peace. Here is a place where you can come to escape the anxieties and concerns of everyday living. Once you have experienced it and discovered the sense of caring and perfect peace, you will want to return again and again....

Linda Norman, LMT

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

Evening and Sat appointments available

By appointment only


Proverbs 3:6