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White Bluff Tennessee:
Supporting Our Troops

(please view the White Bluff Veterans Monument at the bottom of this page)

Hometown Heros
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Cpl. Brett A. Cathey, USMC
Brett is a Corporal in the US Marines, 2nd Maint BN, based at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. He is currently on duty in the mid-east. He is the son of Nick & Lisa Wiggins McNeil of White Bluff. And Albert D Cathey, also of White Bluff. He is a 2001 graduate of Dickson County High School. UPDATE June 2005 Brett has finished his tour of duty and is currently back in the Bluff.

Sr. Airman Charlie Haskins, USAF
Senior Airman Haskins shown here on the job with the US Air Force. Charlie is a 1996 graduate of Dickson County High, and has an Associate Degree in Electronic Systems Communication Technology. He resides in Georgia with his brother Jeff. He is the son of Fred Haskins and Sharon Haskins of White Bluff.

Sgt. Zach Spicer, USMC
Marine Sergeant Zach is the son of Janie Spicer of White Bluff. He is currently on assignment with the US Marine Corps in the Gulf region. UPDATE 2004 Zach has completed his tour of duty and is back home in Dickson County with his family.

Sgt. Nicholas R. Ledford, USMC
Sergeant Nicky Ledford, a 27-year-old water purification specialist, measures a sheet of plywood in front of the 1st Force Service Support Groups forward command post at Logistical Support Area Viper, Iraq, March 30. The Tennessee native is building benches for showers and tables for planning areas. His wife is Julia(Carroll)Ledford. He is the son of White Bluff's Michael Ray Ledford and Lana (Tucker) Ledford. And Nicky is the Grandson of Acie & Norma Alderidge and Diamond & Dorothy Tucker. UPDATE June 2003 Nicky is back in the U.S.A. safe, sound and here to stay!
Photo by: Sgt. Joseph R. Chenelly

Cpl. Phillip T. Burton, USMC
Phillip D. Burton is a Corporal in the US Marines, and he is a 2002 graduate Dickson County High School. On April 18, 2003, at the Aviation Ground Support Equipment Technician School, Pensacola Naval Air Station, Pensacola Florida, Phillip graduated with honors from Class 03060 with a GPA of 96.10, receiving 3 commendations. Proud Mom, Penny lives here in White Bluff. UPDATE September 2004: Phillip is currently stationed in Quantico, VA and is assigned to the presidential helicopter Marine One (also known as HMX1). This will be his permanent duty station. Update: As of Mon. Nov 1, 2004 Burton has been promoted to Corporal. And he has also now received a letter of appreciation from the President of the United States for his service.

LT. COL. James O Gass, USMC
Lieutenant Colonel James Gass is a White Bluffian and career Marine.

Cpl. Lucas Pickard, USMC
US Marine Lucas Pickard, is the son of Rusty & Anita Pickard of Kingston Springs and is a White Bluff native. He is based out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Lucas is currently deployed in Iraq.

Cpl. George Carter, USMC
Corporal George Carter, from White Bluff, is now stationed in the mid-east. This photo shows him and his friend Sgt. Nick Ledford(see above entry) at Camp Coyote, Kuwait sometime in February 2003.

Johnny Carter, USMC
US Marine Johnny Carter of White Bluff, is the twin brother of George(above). He is based at Camp Pendleton, California.

Sgt. Randal Davis, USA
Army Sergeant Davis of Murfressboro is a US Army Covert Operations Specialist (sniper) based out of Ft. Lewis, Washington. Now stationed in Iraq. UPDATE December 2003: Randy Davis in the news USA Today and Nashville Tennessean Randal is the husband of Tommy Gipson Davis of White Bluff. UPDATE October 31st 2004: Sgt Davis has been awarded a purple heart, a bronze star and a silver star for his actions while in Iraq. He's credited with saving the lives of many school children when his convoy came under attack in front of a school that was letting out for the day last Nov. He killed 8 of 11 enemy snipers and his partner killed the other 3. As of Nov. 2, 2004 Sgt. Randall Davis has completed his tour of Iraq and is back stateside at his home base Ft. Lewis, WA.

PFC. Gary Hulsey, USA
U.S. Army Private First Class Hulsey is the son of Larry and Cindy Hulsey of White Bluff. He is based at Fort Irwin in California, and presently deployed overseas. Gary is a 2001 graduate of Dickson County High School.

SPC. Jason Warfield, USA Reserve
US Army Reserve SPC. Jason Warfield of White Bluff, U.S. Army B Co. 411th ENG CBT BN (HVY) 1st Cavalry. Deployed January 2004. Currently serving in Baghdad, Iraq. 2002 Graduate of Dickson Co. High. Was attending MTSU before deployment. Parent's are Mike and Wanda Warfield of White Bluff. Jason has high hopes of returning to "The Bluff" April 2005.

SPC. Joshua L. Gann, USA Reserve
SPC. Joshua L. Gann of the US Army Reserve, is the son of Lee & Zina Gann and brother to Laura Gann. He is with the 926 engineers and is currently stationed in Afghanistan. Joshua is a 1999 graduate of Dickson County High School.

JO2 Landon Mason, USN
JO2 Landon Mason is a photojournalist with the United States Navy and is stationed in Gulfport, Miss with the Seabees of NMCB 133. He is currently deployed to east Asia. Landon, from White Bluff, is also a 1999 graduate of Dickson County High School.

CPL Chris Johnson, USMC
USMC CPL James Christopher (Chris) Johnson graduated from Parris Island in July 2005 and is currently stationed in Pensacola, FL. Chris is the son of Ron and Wanda Tilley and grandson of Ed and Toni Tilley of White Bluff. He is married to Heather Parker Johnson of Dickson. And is a 2002 graduate of Dickson County High School.UPDATE:2008 Chris is now stationed in Virginia Beach VA with a naval pilot training unit and is avionics electrician working on the electrical systems of the F18 planes.

CPL Ronald Wayne Tilley, USMC
Cpl Ronald Wayne Tilley (Ronnie) is the son of Ron and Wanda Tilley and grandson of Ed and Toni Tilley of White Bluff. He is stationed in Okinawa Japan in the mechanics division. He will be there for another year. He has a son Ryan who was born in July 2008. Ronnie is due to make sergeant in December of 2008!

Justin Martinez, USMC
Marine Justin is currently stationed at Camp Pendelton in California.

Joseph Neiter, US Army Reserves
Joey is working at Bridgestone in Dickson and he is still living in White Bluff. Recently purchased a real nice truck, and his son (which he shares joint custody of) just turned 3. Joey is single and enjoying life! UPDATE:Joseph is heading to Iraq December 8th 2007. He will be deployed for 16 months. Joyce, his mother, and his family, wish him a safe and speedy return, as do we all.

SPC Mark Parrish,
Spc Mark Parrish is stationed out of Ft. Carson, Colorado and is currently on his 2nd tour in Iraq. He has spent 15 months there on this tour after spending 16 months there on his first tour. Mark is the grandson of Lawerence and Ruth Brown of White Bluff and his brother Danny also still lives here in town.

Listed below are some other locals serving our country, that we are needing more information on.
Derrick Daughtery, USN
Chase Williams, USN

Send A Message To Our Troops

Note: The purpose of this page is to recognize, honor and support our troops. It is not intended to make any kind of statement, political or otherwise, other than that stated purpose. Our troops go where they are sent, and for that alone deserve our support, regardless of anyones stance on other issues. And as you view the pictures and stories of these brave young people, also remember they have loved ones right here in this community. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. And pray for the safe and quick return of all our troops.

I know there are many more local people serving our nation in the armed forces than what I have listed here. If you have any information on them, or corrections or updates to what has is already on the page, please contact me @: I will be more than happy to include it on the page. Helpful info would include, a photo in or out of uniform, branch of service, rank, station, deployment, local family and other connections, etc. Please check back often, I will update the page whenever I receive any new information on our troops.

Nicky McNeil

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On Sunday March 8th, 2009 a monument honoring White Bluff area Veterans was unveiled in front of White Bluff Town Hall. It is really beautifully done and something the town should be proud of, just as we are very proud of those who have served this country. I know the images below are oversized and may not fit some moniters, but I was hoping the names would be readable on computers. Thanks to those listed there, their families and to those public and private individuals and anonymous donors involved with bringing this monument to our town.

"To Honor All Those From The White Bluff Area Who Bravely Served Their Country. We Salute You.